About us

Who are we?

ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management) je organizacija studenata industrijskog inženjerstva i menadžmenta koji spajaju tehnološke metode i alate sa veštinama menadžmenta. Osnovana je 1990. godine kako bi negovala odnose među studentima IIM-a i podržala njihov razvoj.

With a vision to be the connector of IEM students in Europe, ESTIEM strives for each IEM student to have a connection not only with other students all over Europe of the same field, but also to other companies and universities, to ensure each student has a voice, as well as the opportunity to make a difference, and allow each outstanding idea to become reality.

ESTIEM Local Group Novi Sad, as a part of this students network, gives its members an opportunity to gain knowledge, experience, and skills, through project writing, event organising and attending, which will help them with career development and specialisation.

Local Group Novi Sad was founded in 2002 on the Faculty of Technical Sciences and has organised over 60 local and international events since then.

What are our values?

We believe our values are important for the way we live and work. They set our priorities and represent a measure which acknowledges if our work is heading in the right direction.


We see multiculturalism as a strength of ESTIEM. We benefit from our cultural diversity by being able to approach chances and challenges with different insights. Respect is not just something we strive for, but a part of the very basis of our network.



We grow together by trying hard and learning from mistakes, we are eager to go through a learning process, and see accessibility and freedom as highest goals. ESTIEMers gain practical experience and important soft-skills needed in today’s world.



ESTIEM, being a democratic organisation with a flat hierarchy, encourages the participation of all its members. We inspire each other to take part in ESTIEM’s activities and develop new ideas.



We are not afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone. ESTIEM’s members are proactive students that always give 100%. We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit among students and other stakeholders by gathering and exchanging experiences and best practices.