International projects are intended for all ESTIEMers. One of the events our Local Group organises annually is EXIT Activity Week. Additionally, we have organised TIMES LQ, ESTIEM 360, Novi Sad visits Skopje, and many more. 


This event gathers ESTIEMers regarding the most famous festival on Balkan - EXIT! Besides having an opportunity to go to the festival, the participants can also experience life in a Serbian way - from the traditional cuisine to culture and everyday life. During the festival, the beach becomes heaven, where most people like to spend their free time, and the night is meant for making unforgettable EXIT memories.


Coordination Meetings last about 5 days and gather ESTIEMers with a goal to discuss the committee’s or project’s future, as well as strategies, plans, and goals which have to be met. 

Public Relations Committee Coordination Meeting is an event primarily intended for the committee’s members, but it’s, like every other CoM, open for other ESTIEMers as well. The participants worked on improving the Public Relations Committee, setting goals for the following years, as well as the base for the committee’s development.


TIMES is a prestigious Case Study competition, which is organised by ESTIEM. Every Local Group organises local qualifications. The winners are placed to online eliminations, and then to the finals, where they are competing for the ‘IEM student of the year’ title!

The whole competition is in English language. The team has to have up to four members, and at least two of them have to be ESTIEMers.

TIMES is the biggest Case Study competition in Europe. Every year, it has 80 local qualifications, 8 semi-finals and one final.


ESTIEM 360 is an event which supports recruiting ESTIEMers for working on the international level. During the event, the participants have a chance to learn about ESTIEM, what it offers, and to feel the real ESTIEM Spirit! They will learn a lot about the organisation’s structure, as well as about its projects and committees.


This event is a Local Group Exchange event, which means that two local groups visit each other. Before the holidays, LG Skopje hosted LG Novi Sad. They shared the holiday spirit, good mood, and enjoyed the holidays.