About Event

FTN Challenge Junior is a competition for High School students from Serbia. The main goal of this competition is to meet the students with industrial engineering and engineering management. The event is successfully organised annually since 2015, and it gathers more participants every year. The participants are juniors and seniors, and the competition is held in the Faculty of Technical Sciences.

The competition has two disciplines - debate, and elevator pitch.

This year's competition is planned for March 28 and 29, 2020 in the premises of the Faculty of Technical Sciences, but it was canceled due to the declaration of a state of emergency and a pandemic of the COVID-19 virus! See you in 2021!

Debate is an alternate presentation of the arguments of the opposing parties - the government, and the opposition. Debating lasts 30 minutes, and the topics are written by competitors themselves - with the application form, every team needs to send five topics which are gathered. On the day of the competition, the topics for debating are being chosen.


This discipline represents short idea presentations. It originates from startup companies' and people with ideas’ need to present their idea to CEOs. Since they couldn’t arrange a meeting, they would wait for the CEO to enter an elevator, so they could present their idea while riding it. These ventures would usually have a positive outcome. Teams are made out of three members who have four hours to solve a problem they have previously gotten. Then, one of the team members has 90 seconds to present the idea to the jury, which is followed by answering questions, which includes all the team members.

FTN Challenge Junior